Commercial contract disputes

Every business is based around contracts.  Organisations purchase from their suppliers and then supply goods and/or services to their customers.  They will use computers and advertise using websites and social media.  Their arrangements may involve agency, distribution or franchise agreements or complex supply chains.  When disputes arise they need to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Examples of recent work includes the following:

  • Complex litigation involving a dispute over an alleged agreement for additional rent together with forfeiture action against the backdrop of a shareholders dispute and issues concerning the Directors’ duties.
  • Allegations of misrepresentation and forgery.
  • Dispute with Vendor of business over balancing payments and representations made by the Vendor during the sale of the business
  • Advice to client regarding options available to it as a result of a failure to be appointed under a tender process which it appeared that there had been collusion against the successful tenderer and the client.
  • Advising private sector health client affected by judicial review proceedings taken by another supplier claiming contract awarded unfairly
  • Advice on enforceability of old agreement, which formed the basis of a more recent agreement between the parties
  • Advice to bank customer regarding remedies available for potential overcharging in respect of overdrawn account.
  • Advice to vendor shareholders concerning the interpretation of a share purchase agreement and the related employment contracts and earn-out provisions.
  • We advised a director of a company served with an injunction alleging fraud.
  • Applying to commercial court for reinstatement of company in order to obtain the recovery of a sum of £15,000 which had been confiscated to the Treasury Solicitor following the striking off of the company.
  • We have advised on the implications of a possible claim arising as a result of the premature termination of a distribution agreement with a German manufacturer.
  • Advice on supply contract in which misunderstandings had arisen over interpretation. Parties settled on interim resolution following asdvice on how best to resolve by negotiations
  • Advice relating to claim for fees by recruitment company
  • Dispute with contractor who built agricultural shed and left it in a dangerous condition. Obtained judgment, pursued judgment through to threaten bankruptcy and obtaining payment in full plus costs
  • Advice concerning a dispute with supplier of a lift to residential homes.
  • Advising on pursuit of claim under Commercial Agent’s Regulations;
  • Urgent advice on interpretation of Retention of Title clause in contract;
  • Advice to supplier of used equipment in respect of a claim by purchaser that equipment not fit for purpose
  • Advising company in respect of claim against suppler of services that services were inadequate and that they had not fulfilled the terms of their contract;
  • We have advised on or acted in a wide variety of different types of commercial contract disputes both pursuing and defending claims for breach of contract arising from a variety of supply contracts e.g. for the installation of a lift; in respect of allegedly damaged display cabinets; compensation for a Heidelberg Printing Press which was not of satisfactory quality; for the sale of Christmas trees; for the sale of timber; the allegedly defective installation of central heating; the recovery of royalties; for the price of furniture sold; for a temp to permanent employee fee; web design contract; contract to build an agricultural building; dismantling and re-installation of a substantial piece of packaging machinery; building a new web platform.