Disputed debts

"Our disputants put me in mind of the skuttle fish, that when he is unable to extricate himself, blackens all the water about him, till he becomes invisible” Joseph Addison 1672 - 1719

One of the reasons why commercial debts are not paid on time is because there is some dissatisfaction about the levels of service and all the quality of the goods which have been supplied.  Resolution of these disputes requires greater input than simply going straight to Court.  However, sometimes the disputes only arise once Court proceedings have been issued and the Defence has been served.

From a Claimant’s perspective, it is important to distinguish between the cases which give rise to a genuine Defence and those where the Defendant is simply trying to make excuses not to pay.  If there is no substance to the Defence, one option is to apply to the Court for summary judgement as to bring the matter to an early conclusion.

  • Examples of recent work include:
  • Dispute with customer over interpretation of a supply contract and defending a claim for alleged defect.


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