Mediator Bristol and South West

Tony Hughes is a mediator based in Bristol and is available if you are looking to appoint a civil/commercial mediator for a mediation particularly in London, M4 corridor, Midlands, the South West of England or South Wales. Tony has experience in conducting online or remote mediations.

Tony Hughes - Mediator

Tony Hughes is an experienced civil/commercial mediator and dispute resolution lawyer, with a lot of experience of resolving disputes which would otherwise go to court. He is particularly interested in resolving shareholder and partnership disputes, family business disputes, professional negligence claims, disputes over the administration of estates and IT disputes.

Tony is Secretary of the Association of South West Mediators, and is Registered with the Civil Mediation Council for Civil/Commercial Mediation.

Click here to download Tony's CV.

Book a mediation

If you would like book a mediation please send an email with the following information

  • The names of the parties (so that a conflict check can be carried out);
  • The nature of the dispute (so as to get an idea of how much time may be involved);
  • The value of the claim or counterclaim and details of anything else in dispute;
  • Contact details for the other party or their lawyers
  • Suggested dates and venue.

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