The problems you are likely to have

'If the laws could speak for themselves, they would complain of the lawyers in the first place.' Lord Halifax

Our lives are governed increasingly by a wide range of different laws.  Many of these emanate have emanated from Europe but have been implemented within the UK by Act of Parliament, yet many business owners have not received any legal training and have to pick up what they can about the laws which will apply to them and their businesses, from a variety of different sources. The decision for the UK to come out of the EU will involve a disentangling of EU law from UK law.

On the other hand, most lawyers receive a basic training in a wide variety of the different areas of law.  In addition, they learn practical skills such as interviewing clients and witnesses, analysing the text of legal documents and negotiation. Added to this, years of practice will then give them the experience and expertise to know how these skills are best applied in dealing with legal problems. 

The issues that you are most likely to have when instructing us are those which arise from some kind of dispute, conflict or disagreement.  In those circumstances, you may find it difficult to assess what the likely outcomes of that continued conflict might be.  We can provide

  • a review of the merits and risks of your current position within a business context;
  • a discussion with you as to the options for resolution that may be available and an outline of the likely timescale and costs. 

We can relieve some of the burden of uncertainty and will aim to build the resolution strategy which is best for you and/or your business.

In discussion with you, we will develop a strategy which will make the best of the difficult circumstances, which will aim to try to increase your control of the uncertainties so as to minimise the distraction to the business and to do this as cost-effectively as we can.