Property disputes

These are typically disputes over the ownership of the whole or part of property or about the way that the property is being or has been used.  However, it can involve disputes over the purchase or sale of property and the covenants that may have been entered into or may be implied in those circumstances giving rise to a dispute between the parties.

Recent examples include:

  • Successful recovery of a deposit paid in respect of purchase of commercial property as a result of the vendor’s breach of covenant;
  • We have advised on or acted in connection with a wide variety of property disputes including forfeiture proceedings, claims for arrears of rent, trespass and boundary disputes, return of deposit on cancellation of contract; alleged misrepresentations over the sale of land
  • Dispute between vendor and Purchaser over interpretation of contract. Allegations of misrepresentation
  • Domestic boundary dispute
  • Recovery of deposit paid to developer who delayed construction
  • Obtaining judgment for substantial compensation arising from the unlawful registration of a Legal Charge which led to an inability to carry out a property development project.
  • Dispute over location of boundary between two commercial properties arising following building work on neighbouring land;
  • Advising on potential claim for undermining of support from neighbouring building caused by outbreak of fire;
  • Partial success in defending prosecution for breach of the legislation concerning Houses in Multiple Occupation and obtaining order for costs.