CMC Fixed Fee Scheme

Tony Hughes has agreed to participate in the Fixed Fee Scheme set up by the Civil Mediation Council which has been established particular to try and address the flood of claim which have arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the Covid-19 pandemic is a situation which no-one had previously envisaged, contracts do not address the situation adequately and the Government and other bodies have strongly encouraged parties to take active steps to negotiate solutions rather than rely upon issuing proceedings. Mediation is available in the event that those negotiations break down.

The Civil Mediation Council Fixed Fee Scheme

In order to give parties to a dispute of a value under £50,000 the option to employ a mediator at a reasonable rate, a number of mediators have signed up to a Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme.  The fees for this service are set out below.

The Scheme will not be appropriate in all cases and we reserve the right to decide whether we feel it is appropriate in cases which involve complex issues in addition to just money We also reserve the right to decide whether the session will be done in person or by telephone/video. Whilst Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing is still required, the presumption is that all mediations will be done by telephone/video.

Please note that both parties will need to agree to mediate and it is helpful to have agreed this before you approach a mediator.

Details of fees for the Scheme
Amount being claimedFees per partyLength of session
£5,000 or less*£75 plus VATI hour - telephone/video mediation only
£5,000 or less*£125 plus VAT2 hours - telephone/video mediation
£5,000 to £15,000*£320 plus VAT3 hours
£15,000 to £50,000£445 plus VAT4 hours

All fees are payable in advance. Each additional hour is charged at £100 plus VAT per party.

*Please note that if you have a dispute of less than £10,000 you should also consider the possibility of using the mediation service provided by the court once you have issued a claim. However, a court fee will be required to do this.

Alternatively, if you are a consumer and your dispute concerns the sale of goods and services the trader is required to provide you with the name and website address of an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution body. Check the terms and conditions and any other information you have been given.

Book a mediation

If you would like book a mediation please send an email with the following information

  • The names of the parties (so that a conflict check can be carried out);
  • The nature of the dispute (so as to get an idea of how much time may be involved);
  • The value of the claim or counterclaim and details of anything else in dispute;
  • Contact details for the other party or their lawyers
  • Suggested dates and venue.

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